Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eyeshadow BlushPallete&Brushes oh myyy!

So i got my 28 color eyeshadow and blush palette and my 24 piece brush set
They shipped in a brown envelope with lots of bubble stuff.. (picture 1)
It shipped with plastic on top of the pallets and bubble wrap over the plastic (picture 2)
The natural eyeshadow palette is so hottthe nudes are so rich the shimmers are so beautiful i love love love love them there is 10 matte colors 9 glitters with gold specks and 9 shimmers.
so gorge you should pick one up i got it off ebay for like $9.00 plus s&h.(picture 3)
The 28 piece blush palette is amazing im not gonna lie there are a couple colors i wouldnt use as blush i.e. dark brown/red lol but they could be an eyeshadow there ar 18 matte's 4 glitters and 6 shimmers their mainly coral and pink theyre so beautiful though definetly reccomend this too got it off ebay for like 12 dollars plus s&h. (picture 4)
and lastly my 24 piece brush set so great got it for 24.99 and i love it it has so many brushes like every eyeshadow brush almost eye liner ones lip brushes contouring and face so great!! get all of these things (picture 5)

Peace & Love

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