Thursday, May 21, 2009

Viva La Lakers

Tonight, It's game 2 at 9:00 pm eastern time on TNT. The lakers are (1-0) against the Denver Nuggets :)
I don't wanna jinx them but i hope they beat Denver and show everyone that LA is the best and give them another trophy like they deserve some say Carpe Diem well; KOBE DIEM

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure

I know I know A lot of people HATE Perez, actually
that might be an understatement. But i love him
he's so darn entertaining and loves the dramz.

My Trippy to the Beach

Me and One of my bestest friends in the world Nikki decided to go to the beach. Since we only live about an hour - an hour and a half away from the beach we decided to go friday around 10 a.m. We got some snacks along the way and preceded to Ventura. It was overcast and breezy but still warm. She wanted to go in the water and me being a big ol baby and having a fear of open water was kind of hesitant. I gave the excuse "Sharks like red and my bikini is red" i dont even know if thats true i just figure sharks like blood blood is red im wearing red so they'll like me :(.
anyway she got me to go in past where the waves were so were out there in the big ol ocean away from everything and i just started freaking out thinking i could see dark figures in the ocean ( i know im such a baby) so we go in and we see seagulls attacking our food we left our doritos out in a plastic bag and the seagulls ripped both bags open and ate them ALL! it wasnt funny at the time but now im laughing. So we tanned and she was using my Exalted tanning lotion thats supposed to be used in a bed not in the open but o well we used it anyway it makes your skin feel tingly and red from the oxygen getting into your skin (so it says) so after about 45 minutes we get up and she is PU R PL E she's screaming she's burning and runs into the ocean i follow and drop to the floor laughing so hard i felt bad but you wouldnt know it because i sat there laughing for a good 5 mintues. we washed off our lotion and decided to go back out. by this time the waves were huge and us being such great swimmers stayed out there for a while until a big wave came and as soon as i came up got slapped in the face with seaweed sooo gross! so that was it for me i went in and tanned some more.and now i have an amazing tan its gorge and im happy. We left Got some Mocha's for the ride home and i fell asleep until there was an accident where a car was on fire (so sad hope everyone was ok). said a little prayer and went home showered and partied the night away showing off our new tans:)
can't wait for a replay.


So cute

So i found a picture of a doggy today that got into his owners makeup. It's so adorable. And i just thought i would share it to brighten up your day and make everyone laugh:) ..Enjoy

celebs without makeup

so everyone thinks celebrities are perfect and flawless and that leaves many women/girls very self concious about themselves. Celebrities are NOT perfect and are NOT flawless. It is called retouching a photo. They can make you have bigger boobs, 15 lbs lighter, have clear skin, and change your skin and eye color. Retouching is what makes Hollywood Hollywood. So Ladies I have put together some pictures of celebrities that are ooh so perfect...until you take off the makeup. You are beautiful, women so feel great about yourselves and don't try and live up to hollywoods expectations because even JLO and Jessica Simpson don't live up to them. All women are beautiful so enjoy yourselves. There is nothing wrong with being makeup obssessed or making yourself beautiful but dont try to be Beyonce Or Jennifer Lopez be yourself and love it if they have something you like well then use that as inspiration. And too those ladies who still afre beautiful without makeup ( Miss Megan Fox) we hate you. J/k stay beautiful..Everyone :) and enjoy being you

P.S. I am not being mean or talking crap about the celebs above, i am just pointing out that the media makes it out to be like theyre perfect and theyre not theyre human and have flaws but they are still beautiful as women. you dont have to be a size 4 or have DD boobies and perfect skin to be beautiful.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hott Hair Alert..

Braids are hot hott hottt :)
and i am so happy
I love braids they soft beautiful and great for everything
casual to formal you can wear em for anything :)
I like these the most..
braids with soft waves
and a messy updo with braids
I love wearing them when i don't want to do my hair
use em girls and look gorge doin it

Things like this..

make me love my boyfriend :)
He works graveyard leaves for work
45 minutes away at 8:00 and comes home around 7:30
I wake up today to fine him walking in the room
with a big bouquet of Red Roses
red roses arent my fave but hey, it's the thought that counts
I love him more then words.
He's a d r e a m.

Steve Madden Evil

Arent they absolutely GORGE? ahh i love love love my shoes.
They were originally $200.00 at Dillards but, they were haveing a 75% off sale so i got em for around $40.00.
They makeyour legs look long and sexy.
I get compliments on them everywhere I go :)
If you like them..
got to and look up Steve Madden Evil
they have them in White Black or Bronze for $102.00 :)
I Hope you enjoy them as much as I do