Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Attention Ladies makeup story everyone should see

Tonight at 10pm (pacific time) KTLA is having a special on makeup.
it says from the counter to your face,
It's about makeup counters and makeup artists not cleaning their stuff properly and people have ended up with pink eye, e coli, even HERPES! Thinking about it makes me cringe. Always be safe ladies and never share makeup and always make sure mua's clean the makeup that they may use on you
Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long Time no talk :)

Hey Everyone! I have been M I A for a long time. sorry. My life is filled with Work Work and more Work. Kinda sucks but then again I love money. Made so many makeup purchases just havent found the time for pictures. Buying a Balenciaga for myself, one of the 3 below.
 Aren't they gorgeous? they'll match wonderfully with my new Chanel and LV wallets, must pic those too, looking for a little kitten, a persian, not a fugly one though :) and basically just getting everything together for my man's cousins wedding soon. Love all of the House of Harlow pieces to go with my dress, a Blue LC. Anyway, that's my life right now, I know I must pencil in time to blog, and I will I promise, but i'm still alive!


Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)