Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long Time no talk :)

Hey Everyone! I have been M I A for a long time. sorry. My life is filled with Work Work and more Work. Kinda sucks but then again I love money. Made so many makeup purchases just havent found the time for pictures. Buying a Balenciaga for myself, one of the 3 below.
 Aren't they gorgeous? they'll match wonderfully with my new Chanel and LV wallets, must pic those too, looking for a little kitten, a persian, not a fugly one though :) and basically just getting everything together for my man's cousins wedding soon. Love all of the House of Harlow pieces to go with my dress, a Blue LC. Anyway, that's my life right now, I know I must pencil in time to blog, and I will I promise, but i'm still alive!


Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)

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