Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NYX Round lipsticks round II

In This Picture there is (L to R) Louisiana, Paris, Fig, Pumpkin Pie, Rea and Summerlove.
(click to enlarge)
The first color is Louisiana, a matte hott pink.
The second color is Paris, a matte darker baby pink.
The third color is fig, a matte dirty pink ( i think this color will look good on all skin colors)
The fourth color is matte Pumpkin Pie, A creamy orange.
The Fifth color is Rea; A matte muddy nude
The sixth color is Summerlove, a nude with shimmer

The reason i love NYX is because their colors are beautiful and they're so inexpensive it would be stupid not to pick up a few. I got all of these for under $9.00. and they're so blendeable and pigmented i find myself never really lookin anywhere else for colors anymore, sure, i still fawn over the new colors mac comes out with but instead of finding my makeup bag being filled with the little black bullet shaped lipstick of MAC i now find my makeup bag becoming more and more filled with the little black round lipstick.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


i am so new to this whole bloggy thing i don't know what the heck i'm doin lol
i wanna personalize my page and don't know how and i don't know how to put text in between my pictures it just goes crazy lol help please :)


Eyeshadow BlushPallete&Brushes oh myyy!

So i got my 28 color eyeshadow and blush palette and my 24 piece brush set
They shipped in a brown envelope with lots of bubble stuff.. (picture 1)
It shipped with plastic on top of the pallets and bubble wrap over the plastic (picture 2)
The natural eyeshadow palette is so hottthe nudes are so rich the shimmers are so beautiful i love love love love them there is 10 matte colors 9 glitters with gold specks and 9 shimmers.
so gorge you should pick one up i got it off ebay for like $9.00 plus s&h.(picture 3)
The 28 piece blush palette is amazing im not gonna lie there are a couple colors i wouldnt use as blush i.e. dark brown/red lol but they could be an eyeshadow there ar 18 matte's 4 glitters and 6 shimmers their mainly coral and pink theyre so beautiful though definetly reccomend this too got it off ebay for like 12 dollars plus s&h. (picture 4)
and lastly my 24 piece brush set so great got it for 24.99 and i love it it has so many brushes like every eyeshadow brush almost eye liner ones lip brushes contouring and face so great!! get all of these things (picture 5)

Peace & Love

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He's Hott

Meet My Best Friend.
MY Main Squeeze.
Who spoils me rotten :)
I'd tell you more about him
But you'd fall in love too <3

He just bought me my wii i've been buggin for
and i love my topaz ring.
and all my makeup kits ive been getting via mail
ahh soo lucky. :)

MAC nc 25

I love this product so friggin much it's great if you want a lot of coverage which i do because i have redness and discoloration under my eye yuckk
it's kinda expensive $26.00 and not a lot of product but it does cover well
so if ya dont mind shellin out 26 bux this could be for youuu :)
Enjoy. beauties

sad sad sad. . .

So i went to an animal shelter...
and i found a dog i was absolutely in love with
he's a blue nose pit and a big ol baby
he had my heart
he had an owner and the owner was notified and had 10 days to get him
1 day passes
2 days pass...
3 days pass...
4 days pass...
5 days pass...
i was so hopeful then i call and ask if he's still there
&& his owners got him :(
so sad
he was ADORABLE!
so now im gonna go back && try and find a new doggy to love
everyone should get animals from a shelter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches..

I know i said I had the pictures of the 4 lipsticks i just got from MS on my blackberry but, I found my digital cam and did a quick photo shoot of the four colors i got :)

From Top Left To Right Milan,Margerita(Not as red as it looks its more orange i promise, Harmonica and last but not least Narcissus :)

UPDATE: Here are the swatches: Sorry it took a trillion years :)
Without Flash:

With Flash:I told you it was more orange lol

Hope this helps
Peace and Love

NYX Round Lipsticks...

My First Bloggg ahh :)
okayy; NYX round lipsticks my new favorite thing!
I ordered 4 from MScuppycakes and i recommend buying them there than from Cherryculture or NYX online just because they're wayy cheap (only $1.25) unlike $2.00-$3.00 on the other sites ALSO; I heard that sometimes CherryCulture will only send parts of your order like if you order 6 lipglosses they'll only send 4 and then tell you oh hey we only sent half your orderwe will send your other stuff tomorrow idk so weird but whatev. save the time trouble and extra $ and shop MS.
okay getting to the product of my dreams :
NYX round lipsticks offer great pigment for such a cheap price, i've heard some people say it leaves your lips dry and the color wont last for long well.. NONE of that was true for me :) lucky i guess
the lipstick is really creamy and i applied a quick swipe to my hand to see the color before i wore it left it on for about an hour then wiped it and the color was still on for 2 more days. I got 4 colors as follows;
Milan: Brown (only one swipe on each lip is necessary because it does go on slighlty dark) The color is MATTE.
Margarita: is a orange pink red i guess you could describe it as its a pretty color and has a slight shimmer
Harmonica: is a light baby pink and is a shimmer
Narcissus: The only was i can describe it is BUBBLE GUM BARBIE PINK! seriously be careful with this one the color is so rich and beautiful but if you apply to much it will look like you walked out of the 80's :) you should apply with a lip brush definetly! MATTE

I do have swatches on my blackberry of all of these four colors but i left it at my mom's so since it's almost midnight and i dont wanna bug her ill upload the pictures within a day or two of the colors i got.

i ordered 7 more colors; Pumpkin Pie, Circe, Rea, Summerlove, Paris, Fig and Louisiana and it was all for $13.06! for 7 lipsticks! Now i love MAC but thats not even the price of one of their lipsticks i think they're $14 now so whatta steal!
so when i get those which will probably be in a week because they deliever quick so i will upload those when i get them :)

Hope that helps:
Peace & Love

NYX Round Lipsticks :)

My First Blog ahhh. excited so here goes.

okayy; I ordered 4 NYX Round Lipsticks from i recommend everyone buy them from there rather then cherry culture while $2.00 on Cherry Culture for a single lipstick they're only $1.25 each at

MS is also fast I got my order in like 5 days buttt, they are getting a lot of orders cause everyone wants to be a hott bitch for summertime so it may take longer but you'll get a tracking number through your email so you'l know where your stuff is at always :)

and i've heard cherryculture sometimes won't ship your whole order it will sometimes ship only a couple thing to you at a time && i want all my stuff TOGETHER!


I got 4 colors as follows:

Margerita: Hott Orangey color. Very pretty. little shimmer.

Milan: Brown; goes on kinda dark so only one application over lips is necessary .Matte

Narcissus:Seriously my definition of Barbie Pink; It's very bubble gum so be careful when you put it on or you'll look like you walked out of the 80's :).Matte.

Harmonica: A soft baby pink, sheer and Shimmery