Monday, April 6, 2009

NYX Round Lipsticks :)

My First Blog ahhh. excited so here goes.

okayy; I ordered 4 NYX Round Lipsticks from i recommend everyone buy them from there rather then cherry culture while $2.00 on Cherry Culture for a single lipstick they're only $1.25 each at

MS is also fast I got my order in like 5 days buttt, they are getting a lot of orders cause everyone wants to be a hott bitch for summertime so it may take longer but you'll get a tracking number through your email so you'l know where your stuff is at always :)

and i've heard cherryculture sometimes won't ship your whole order it will sometimes ship only a couple thing to you at a time && i want all my stuff TOGETHER!


I got 4 colors as follows:

Margerita: Hott Orangey color. Very pretty. little shimmer.

Milan: Brown; goes on kinda dark so only one application over lips is necessary .Matte

Narcissus:Seriously my definition of Barbie Pink; It's very bubble gum so be careful when you put it on or you'll look like you walked out of the 80's :).Matte.

Harmonica: A soft baby pink, sheer and Shimmery

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