Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NYX Round lipsticks round II

In This Picture there is (L to R) Louisiana, Paris, Fig, Pumpkin Pie, Rea and Summerlove.
(click to enlarge)
The first color is Louisiana, a matte hott pink.
The second color is Paris, a matte darker baby pink.
The third color is fig, a matte dirty pink ( i think this color will look good on all skin colors)
The fourth color is matte Pumpkin Pie, A creamy orange.
The Fifth color is Rea; A matte muddy nude
The sixth color is Summerlove, a nude with shimmer

The reason i love NYX is because their colors are beautiful and they're so inexpensive it would be stupid not to pick up a few. I got all of these for under $9.00. and they're so blendeable and pigmented i find myself never really lookin anywhere else for colors anymore, sure, i still fawn over the new colors mac comes out with but instead of finding my makeup bag being filled with the little black bullet shaped lipstick of MAC i now find my makeup bag becoming more and more filled with the little black round lipstick.


  1. I havent really tried paris...but I am loving POWER!! I think it would look great on u!!

  2. yeah paris was kinda blah on me :(
    i was thinking about buying POWER too!


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