Wednesday, May 20, 2009

celebs without makeup

so everyone thinks celebrities are perfect and flawless and that leaves many women/girls very self concious about themselves. Celebrities are NOT perfect and are NOT flawless. It is called retouching a photo. They can make you have bigger boobs, 15 lbs lighter, have clear skin, and change your skin and eye color. Retouching is what makes Hollywood Hollywood. So Ladies I have put together some pictures of celebrities that are ooh so perfect...until you take off the makeup. You are beautiful, women so feel great about yourselves and don't try and live up to hollywoods expectations because even JLO and Jessica Simpson don't live up to them. All women are beautiful so enjoy yourselves. There is nothing wrong with being makeup obssessed or making yourself beautiful but dont try to be Beyonce Or Jennifer Lopez be yourself and love it if they have something you like well then use that as inspiration. And too those ladies who still afre beautiful without makeup ( Miss Megan Fox) we hate you. J/k stay beautiful..Everyone :) and enjoy being you

P.S. I am not being mean or talking crap about the celebs above, i am just pointing out that the media makes it out to be like theyre perfect and theyre not theyre human and have flaws but they are still beautiful as women. you dont have to be a size 4 or have DD boobies and perfect skin to be beautiful.

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