Friday, July 10, 2009

just the 2 of us

Date Night:
ooh la la

Me and My boyfriend have started a N E W tradition. Every Friday Night we go out on a "date" It just a little something that helps us because it seems like we never see each other he works graveyard and in the daytime sleeps then goes to the gym then does it all over again so his days off are MINE :) As of NOW he is out playing a round of golf while i get ready and this is what i look like.
after looking at this picture i think i need to go darken my brows a little lol
I think all of you out there with significant others should have special time set just for each other it's helped so much with me and my boyfriend.

And yes! I am wearing clothes in this picture it looks like im wearing a towel lol

Enjoy your fridays :)


  1. OMG your gorgeous! Me and the hubby have the same "Friday Lunch-Date" thing going. We've had it for quite a long time. By the way I love how you did your hair too! =)

  2. Hey Girly - thanks so much for following my blog!! I love meeting new friends!! :o)


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