Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What were they thinking?

Evan Rachel Wtf Ever Your name is. We all know you dated that weirdo Marilyn Manson. And we all know you never dressed like this before him. I think your trying way to hard to look like his ex and very beautiful Deeta Von Tees and it's a little scary and quite frankly You fail MAJOR!

Ashley Olsen:
Okay Ashlee the whole entire WORLD knows you have millions I believe you and your sisters net worth is a little over 100 mil but why must you dress like you walked out of a Garage sale. I know your dress is probably worth thousands and so is that God awful head band of yours but you should invest in clothes that are actually pleasing to the eyes and not eye sores. And i read you have a stylist. Advice: Fire her she laughs behind your back as you walk out the door!

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