Sunday, October 18, 2009

She's Hungry For some Chanel

"The best things in life are F R E E. . the second best are expensive." - Coco Chanel

I Don't know what it is about Chanel or why I never paid any attention to them earlier but over the past couple months I have become OBSESSED with the flap bags. I have other bags and items from other designers like Oscar De La Renta, Missoni, Michael Kors, Gucci and Dior just to name a few but, I have yet to have anything Chanel besides a Shirt and i'm craving one bad! I see ladies toting around their nice chanel bags and they just walk with a certain attitude about them maybe it's because they know they have the bag that every girl in the world would like. Those Bitches! I've been looking over and thinking about exactly which one I want and i'm stuck.

I want a New Jumbo Maxi Flap but they run into the 3,000 category. WTH My boyfriend would murder me and feel no guilt for spending $3,000 on a bag. So i've also been looking at meduim flaps but they still don't fill the void in my heart that a maxi would give me. Maybe im being selfish and i should be thankful that I am even allowed to have nice things because many in the world do not.

ahh.. the possibilities.

What bags are making you girl go totally gaga?

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  1. alexa with her craziest pose XD

  2. That's a beautifullll classic bag, it sooo pretty, yet so expensive. ):

    I'm currently into Coach bags! I got one this summer and I've been eyeing others ever since. I have my heart set on a Coach sabrina madison bag.

  3. We just posted on all the It bags we want (and a high st version too), have a chanel 2.55 (not the amazing jumbo size though) and just love it! You have an amazing blog!

    we'll definitely be back!

    come follow us at TBAG :) xx

  4. i know 3 grand for a bag is a lot but how much is eternal happiness or happiness until you like another bag? lol


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