Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Tattoo or not to Tattoo?

I have always thought Tattoo's were a way to express yourself or honor loved ones.
I've always wanted a tattoo but being the needle phobe I am
I have opted out of getting them, until now.
I have decided i am finally brave enough to bear the pain and be a big girl.
I want to get a tattoo that honors my last name
S E R A F I N.
Which is derived from the word SERAPHIM

The boy's name Seraphim \s(e)-ra-phim\ is of Hebrew origin,
and its meaning is "burning ones".
In Jewish scriptures, the seraphim are the highest-ranking angels of God (above angels, archangels, cherubim, etc.).
They have six wings and are noted for their zealous love.
There were two Saints Seraphim, one a 17th-century Italian, one an 18th-century Russian mystic.

Seraphim has 6 variant forms: Sarafino, Saraph, Serafin, Serafino, Seraph and Seraphimus.

I absolutely love my last name. It has such meaning. I want to get angel wings on my back and I have been looking through internet pics
I adore Nicole Ritchie's

but i'm thinking of going a little more traditional.

I hate the fact that I am so indecisive. But I always think tattoos should have some meaning to your life.
A friend of mine has 2 tattoos, a cross and "Faith" on her back i told her I wanted angel wings and she said that's dumb everyone has those be different, yes a lot of people have them but it doesn't mean something to everyone who has it. A million people have crosses why do you have it? because you love God? God says you should never mark your body so does that make you a hypocrite? I don't like when people judge me or my actions but don't practice what they preach. I try not to judge anyone because I don't live their life I don't know what made them the way they are, So don't judge me. To me angel wings represents my name and who I am I'm thinking about getting them with orange for the fire and maybe pink for love, I also want to get more tattoos to honor my Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Billy who have all passed away. I was thinking of getting "Junior" written in my grandpa's handwriting because he never called me alyssa it was always Junior I was his mini me. For My Ama and Uncle I want to get pink cowboy boots, when I was younger they bought me 2 pairs of cowboy boots, One White pair and a Pink Pair. They had tassles and glitter and I loved them more then anything! I wore them until they had holes and I had to try and stuff my foot into them. I just want to honor my family, because after all they're what make us who we are. My Man's Cousin is going to come with me when he comes back to visit from AZ in December! I am so excited! I can't wait to show all of you!

* I hope I didn't offend anyone with the whole she's a hypocrite for her having a cross and faith on her it's just my opinion.

Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)


  1. Your friend is a hypocrite. And I think you should go for it. My nxt tattoo is actually going to be angel wings like those above with my great granny's name written in the middle of the wings. With the date of her death under ir and a halo over the wings. I say long as it means something personal to you go for, no matter what anyone elses opinions. !

  2. Thank you :) Just when you think people are your friends they go and say ignorant stuff.


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