Sunday, November 8, 2009

What i've bought lately, f o r e v e r 21

Hi Everyone! how was your weekend!? mine was FAB! I went shopping (much overdue) I only got a couple of things because I was rushed yet again geez can't anyone ever give a girl 5 hours for shopping instead of 2!? lol anywhooo, I went to Forever 21 I love this store they have the cutest things and such great prices not to mention the sales! I got a maxi dress for $7.99 and a shirt for $3.99 i'll post those pics later it seems like my camera has walked away yet again! One of the reasons i love forever 21 is because my new friend/sales assistant Tiffany She was the most outgoing, vibrant, breath of fresh air sales associate i have ever met! She helped me and my sister pick out our clothes and confession time I want to go back and shop just to hang out with her yeahh she made that much of an impression. Here are a couple of things i got,

Pyramid Epaulet Knit Top: I can't really find my shirt on this website after a while it all looks the same but this is the basic idea. Mine is an off the shoulder black studded shirt like this one. My girl Tiffany ( she says her name is creative, yet another reason to love her!) picked it out!

Hooded scarf: I fell in love with this once Tiffany brought it to me, It's a hooded scarf who would have thought i wear it a little differently kind of like a shawl, i'll post pics of me wearing it once i get my chanel Broach It's to die for! I didnt realize it was a scarf so when I saw these pics I was like ohh that's how its supposed to go "creative" showed me a different way. My boyfriend says i look like little red riding hood.
Back View

I hope you all enjoy my post. I'll post more pics when I find my damned camera!

Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)


  1. I'm going to have to find a F21 in Atlanta (I just moved) I sure there's one around. I love the scarfy/hat thing!!! Unfortunately most F21 clothes don't fit me :( I'm like a 14 and when I try on tops from there my boobs get all smashed like they are about to explode :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


  2. yay! i have that studded shouldered top :)

  3. Ms Kendall: They have a line called love21 for curvier women and they have hott clothes!my sales assistant/ friend tiffany is a size 14 too and she gets clothes from that line in the store she made the comment of " They say nothing can fit me in this store but that scarf can"! lol it's so cute she says it's so kim kardashian. You'd look amazing in it!


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