Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I did it! i got my tattoo!

After months and months of thought I decided to stop being a whimp and get my very first tattoo. I went with my boyfriend's cousin Tony who I adore and after going back and forth with the "okay let's do it, no we should wait" he finally said "WE'RE GOING!" thank God he had enough courage for the both of us because i was being a total puss.

We got them done at Electric Soul Tattoos and mine was done by the fab Aaron Nix. I wanted something permanent, not a boyfriends name or something that i love [at the moment] because in time those things may fade, so i went with Dah Dah Dah Something to remember my Grandpa Joe. After my posts on here a while ago you should know I wanted to get "Junior" tattooed on me in memory of my Grampy. He used to call me "Junior" no one else just him and I didn't want the standard Rest in Peace Grandpa or In loving Memory I wanted something more personalized and just for us 2.

I got it done on the back of my neck in case I needed to hide it for whatever reason. So here are some pictures..

Signing my life away ..

The face of nervousness ^
Ouch Ouch OuchThe Final Product
I didn't get any pics of me getting my tattoo done because as soon as I got called in so did T and i was finished first so i documented his time. overall the pain was [bearable] I kept asking the poor guy is this gonna hurt? it's my first time! I'm scared! Will the neck hurt? Blaa! im sure he wanted to say shut up! He described the Pain like this " Cat Scratch over Sun burn" and it's safe to say that's the exact way it feels! The only part that was really bad was the spine bone ouch!

The healing went fab but always apply lotion or it will itch like a bitch and you wont be able to scratch! After we got home we were pretty much banned from ever getting another his parents were heated and my mom was like okay one and that's it but I think i'm addicted. Uh-Oh!

Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)

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