Monday, June 8, 2009

Hue && Aloof

First Off! I am in love MAC never seems to dissapoint me and i la la loooove it:) I have 2 new colors for you guys Hue and Aloof. Both are creamy peachy colors and both are FAN-tastic! Well start with hue, It's a glaze with a peachy cream color with no shimmer i apply this color 5times to both upper and lower lips because i find if i just do one swipe it makes my lip look dry and gross ( i know chapstick ) but with 5 swipes it makes my lips look creamy and gorgeous. Aloof is a beautiful peach pink with shimmer and i have just found out is discontinued. i swooped this up from ebay so i am a lucky girl i got it in time. but hue is a beautiful color and could be worn instead of aloof. If you really want aloof i would say politely pink is close to it in color. I know how hard it is to find swatches of lippy colors so i hope i help:)


  1. OMG HUE looks amazing...I must have it now!!

  2. HUE is my everyday lipstick. I actually "lost" it and it happened to eb in a forgotten makeup bag. Im gonna reswatch it and do a picture on my lips. You should definetly pick up that color. It's the perfect nude


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