Monday, June 8, 2009

A good cause. .

I am a total animal lover. I don't condone animal abuse in any form ( why i don't eat meat) and was absolutely appalled at the Michael Vick tragedy (in my opinion he should have had done to him what he did to those poor dogs). Enough about him he makes me sick.Cesar Milan has this charity The Cesar and Illusion Milan Foundation's whose primary goal is to provide financial support and rehabilitation expertise to shelters throughout the United States, better enabling them to maintain the highest standards of care and assistance to animals under their protection." I totally love this. I totally believe in rehabilitation of animals. 48 of 52 of the Michael Vick dogs were rehabilitated and live with great happy families. The Michael Vick dogs story was in Sports Illustrated last year and it made me so happy to see the dogs happy and with people who love them. I hope everyone makes a little donation whether its a dollar or 100 everything counts for these little angels.

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