Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My new tunic

is so hott :). After throwing a BF my poor boyfriend took me to the mall and bought me the tunic i've been trying to find. I hate ordering online because i have no idea how things fit. So when we made a trip down to Phoenix i went to their mall with no luck they literally had nothing that intrigued me so when we came back home i made him take me to our mall and i asked where it was they have no clue so i literally searched the store for an hour and finally found it! and it was the last one! F A T E! anyway i got it an i love it. It's cream with hott pink, teal, red, light pink, orange, green designs running all throughout the dress and little flowers that fall down your back. SO cute and i love it . I would recommend everyone to get this delicious tunic from forever 21.

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