Monday, August 10, 2009

J Breezy's Giveaway!

Hey everyone!
just wanted to let you know about something i stumbled upon, Jbreezy is doing a giveaway! The rules are simple and she gives you chances to be entered once or 3 times! so everyone go over to
her blog and follow her. The rules are below as follows:
Hello Chicas!!! I know I haven't been here for so long and still consider myself as a newbie to the blogging world, but having 25 followers already within a span of less than 2 weeks is quite flattering =) So I want to do this giveaway for those of you who have followed me, read thru every reviews/ramblings, and interact with me. This is my way of saying thank you thank you and thank you to all of you who welcomed,took the time to read my posts, and left me wonderful comments. :)

So let's get it on with some rules, shall we?


1) You must be a follower (Obviously I'm doing this for my followers. But if you want to join and become a follower, you are more than welcome ;] )
2) You must be at least 18 years of age (If not, please ask your parents first for permission)
3) Have a valid email address (I'm sure all of you would not have any problem with this lol)


1) Answer this simple question: In ONE sentence, tell me what is your all time favorite makeup brand and why? (-OR- if you can't think one specific makeup brand, you can tell your current favorite brand -OR- current favorite item/product and why)

is that simple? this is not going to be judge for who has the best answer as I will pick the winner through random draw. I just want to know what my bellas favorite products are =)

2) Decide your chances of winning the prize =)

For 1 entry
  • Comment on this post with your answer
  • State if you are a follower
  • Email me at and tell me you have joined the giveaway and give me ur email address (I don't want people leaving email addresses on comment boxes for privacy purposes)

For 3 entries

  • Comment on this post with your answer
  • State if you are a follower
  • Post this giveaway on your blog and give the link along with ur answer
  • Email me at and tell me you have joined the giveaway, post a blog about it, and ur email.

NOTE: *** I need at least 5 entries in order for this giveaway to take place. If not, sorry gals... maybe next time.

and your done! =)

When's the due date? AUGUST 12, 2009 @ 11:59 PM CENTRAL TIME (You have 3 weeks to join this contest. If you don't know what is the equivalent time of that to your timezone, google it :])

Is this international? YESSS =)

How many winners? There's only ONE winner for this. Sorry, I don't have enough money to host multiple winners as of now. =/

And the moment you all been waiting for.... The prize....*drum roll*.....


I think my favorite makeup line would have to be MAC. They're foundation has been my savior from my uneven skin tone for years, they have all the hottest colors and when they come out with new collections like heatherette or Barbie for mac i fell in love all over again.

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