Monday, August 10, 2009

BeautyJunkieInLondon Giveaway!

Hey all You Giveaway Lovers;
Beauty Junkie In London is having a GIVEAWAY! The catch is she has to have 100 followers before she starts. Go to her Blog here and follow her blog as of last she was at67 followers 33 more to go. Here are her totally easy rules.
go GO G O!!

I have decided to do a wonderful beauty give away with lots of exciting goodies to win... BUT there is a catch. The catch is- beautyjunkielondon has to reach a whopping 100 blog followers before I give anything away.

How to enter:

To enter the competition all you need to do is:

1: Follow the blog (the link is on the right, underneath the 'categories' tags list)
2: Comment on one of the posts (any post you want to comment on) and include "ENTER ME" in the comment.

Pretty simple huh? Yep! Well- get entering!

I will shortly be posting details of exactly what the give away prize will be-just to tempt you a little bit more....


This give-away is open to EVERYONE, wherever in the world you are- I will post internationally!

FYI- to select the winner all names will be put into a hat and the winner selected at random...

If you love a give-away, here are a couple more fab ones for you...

She has also been gracious enough to include more giveaways from other fellow bloggers.

Enjoy :)

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