Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camera Camera where are you?

As you know Me and my boyfriend took a little vaca up to mammoth and other places in the sierras of california...WELL, i lost my camera :( i am so sad i wanted to share pictures with all of you guys and show you how beautiful it was up there and I honestly have no idea where my camera could be. luckilly i do have a couple of pictures on my blackberry but there definetly not the beautiful ones i had on my camera nor are they grade A quality not to mention theyre only from mammoth not the other places like Manzanar ( the camp where they kept the japanese after WW2) or Owens valley where you can camp and literally the roaming cows will come up to you or the Elk you see on the side of the road. Talk about Country :) but, i guess i should stop whining because although i did lose my camera i had a great time and you always have your memories.

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