Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Whe i said i lost my camera?
well thanks God im a liar lol i found it :)
who would think to look in the pocket behind the driver seat in our truck. Now i can share picutres :) which wont be many since i "lost" the camera halfway through our trip. but i still have blackberry pictures and will upload those later Enjoy bb's

Lake Diaz

Lake Diaz

Lake Diaz

shane Staring up at Mount Whitney it's so pretty.

Next to a huge treee trunk.

My Boyfriend Shane Fishing at the Whitney Portal, Mount Whitney California.

a panoramic picture i took of Mount Whitney the second highest point in America.

The Sign says "Japs Keep Moving This is a White Man's Neighborhood" :(

A layout of Manzanar ( camp where the japanese lived after WWII)

an elk on the side of the road. talk about Country.
I hope you guys liked the few pictures i had but i will post more.
everyone should really visit the sierras of california so pretty and a lot of history.
Mammoth is still blowing my mind.
Maybe we'll revisit during snowboardin season.

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