Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween is upon us! Help me pick a costume!

And i am so excited! Ive been trying to figure out what i want to be this year and i have no idea and im going bananas!I didnt really dress up last year so this year i wanna do something fun. Every year my uncle throws this big party at his house witha full bar and dj all nightlong and i swear everyone in town stops by and Last year me and my boyfriend went to hollywoods annual halloween partyit runs along hollywoods hottest streets and its basically one BIg outdoor party.Since i didnt dress up last year i had nothing to wear to hollywood so i dressed up as a naughty teacher.a black dress, a ruler,and glasses were all i needed TOO bad i wore my michael kors 4 inch heels and 20 minutes into the event i couldnt even walk anymoreNOTE TO SELF!NEVER WEAR HIGH HEELS WHEN YOUR GONNA BE WALKING MILES! i think we actually walked like 6 miles that night. anyway,Im determined not make the same mistake this year. Ive looked at a couple of costumes and here theyare School Girl, Maid,Indian or Genie

The School Girl Costumes:
This one is called the: Studious Seduction
This is called: Lolita School Girl:

This one is called:Charm School Dropout
The Maid:

This is the only maid one it's called Maid Servant idk why but i totally love it i think its girly and not too much.
The Indians:

This one is: Indian Princess;

"Cherokee Hottie" This one is hott i love the ties on the side!

"Suede Indian"

"Pocahottie" I love the name :)


"Dazzling Dancer"

Genie May K. Wish

Harems Jewel

Genie Rhoda Carpet
Dont you just love halloween costumes names. I die when i hear some of them. So those are the ones im currently looking at. I was leaning towards the School Girls and Indians because i can wear boots and flats with those and they wont kill my feet, If im a genie or a maid ill be in heels. AY DIOS MIO. what do you guys think? i need input please. it will help a lot

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  1. i love the maid too. It's the only maid one i like its not too foofy and frilly and its girlie and i wont look lke a ho ho. :)


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