Sunday, September 13, 2009

Should i? or shouldn't i?

So, I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot of USED makeup USED being the keyword and since i used most of my makeup before i started my blog I do not have swatches. So.... I was wondering if i should go into my makeup drawer and swatch everything even if it isnt asthetically pleasing. Some of my lipsticks have broken or melted and some of my eyeshadow have broken and been put back together using the alcohol method (a subject in an upcoming post). I think ill go ahead with my swatching of my makeup and try to make it as pretty as possible i know it's the fresh out of the box pictures you guys are used to but, I just want to let you guys know the true color of what your buying before you buy it (especially online I hate when it's pink online and orange when you get it)



  1. I love swathches especially if they are items or brands that there are not alot of out there!

  2. I know so do i. I try to stop by the local dollar store or 99cent store. Sometimes when i'm really lucky I can find a really good pallette I have this one consisting of oranges and purples and silvers and i LOVVVE IT! the colors are amazing and for only 99cents there is no complaining :)


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