Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peter Coppola New York Hair Care Sampler

About a year ago I fell in love with a man named Peter Coppola. My love affair first started when I Bought his Xtreme Shaping Mist followed by his Instant Volume Spray and let me tell you i'm hooked! The great thing about Peter's line is his soyagen comlex in his products.

"Peter Coppola Soyagen Complex hair care products were designed for people who wish they had perfect hair. Soyagen Complex formulated for the needs of overprocessed and fragile hair, helps restore damaged hair with a unique formula made up of natural forms of soy. Utilizing only natural soy protein, vitamins and jojoba oil to counteract the stress factors of the hair,
Soyagen Complex provides vital elements for healthy, manageable hair. Peter Coppola's Soyagen Complex is designed to reverse the negative effects that the aging process has on the hair."

I get compliments all the time on my hair. The hairspray and Volumizer work wonders and I will blog about those later
but, first the Sampler:

The Sampler comes in this great little box OBVIOUSLY mine has taken a beating but the products inside are untouched.
The little booklet the sampler comes with with the picture of Soy:

The Peter Coppola Hair Care Sampler:
(L-R: Bodifying Organic Shampoo, Invigorating Daily Conditioner, Volumizing Fixative, Perfecting Styling Gel, Botanical Shaping Mist.)
Summary of Each Product:
Bodifying Organic Shampoo: Natural Soy Protein, Vitamins and jojoba oils fused together to revive stressed, over processed hair with volume and shine.
Invigorating Daily Conditioner: Natural Soy Protein, Vitamins and jojoba oils fused together for extraordinary shine and maximum hydration.
Volumizing Fixative: Natural Soy Protein, Vitamins and jojoba oils fused together for a touchable hold that lasts.
Perfecting Styling Gel: Natural Soy Protein, Vitamins and jojoba oils fused together for a flexible hold and natural shine.
Botanical Shaping Mist: Natural Soy Protein, Vitamins and jojoba oils fused for Maximum volume texture and shine.

I have nothing to say but good things about this kit. The different forms of spray help my hair stay in place on a crazy day or touchable soft for when my boyfriend wants to run his fingers through it. The Shampoo and Conditioner have soften my hair and lord knows I needed help because my hair was becoming so damaged. The great thing about PC is he has different kits for different things:
  • The 4 piece Soyagen Complex System: For Healthy Hair
  • The 5 Piece Discovery haircare System: For Pampering Your Tresses
  • The 2 Piece Kurl Enhancing Kit: For Showing off Your Curly Locks
  • The 3 Piece X treme Straighteneing Kit with Brush: For Straightening your locks
  • The 2 Piece Replenish and Finish Kit: For Moisturizing
  • The 4 Piece Anti Aging Hydrating System: For Bringing your dry hair back to life
  • The 3 Piece Maximum Volume Styling System: For Maximum Volume!
If You would like to try out some of Peter's products click HERE to go to his website, you won't be sorry.

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