Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas List

Tis the season to give but, there is no harm in making a Christmas list and printing it out for all to see :) I admit my gifts are a little on the expensive side but my ring I got last year was over a $1,000.00 and the RULES say You have to buy a more expensive gift the next year so start off low people!

Im dying for my Monogram Vernis Wallet I finally chose this one over Chanel.
I Die when I see these pumps. They radiate sexy!

These Pumps are to cute for words classy and edgy at the same time!

This bag is so chic and will never go out of style it will last me a century and still be cool in 50 years. That's Chanel for you!

I've been wanting a small bag to declutter my life. YAH right! I love my BIG OL BAGS!

I think I deserved to be spoiled this year! I've been very good, i've had my naughty moments but who hasn't honestly? anyway. I dont think i ever told you guys about my kid I "adopted" for christmas. It's through my sisters hair stylist who owns her own salon, Her name is Kim and Kim works with a social worker named Lela who has the kids ranging in ages from babies to teens in foster care and has them write out there christmas wishes.

I got Carla a 15 year old girl whose Dad died at age 5, her grandpa stepped in to raise her and then he died suddenly and now she is bak with her mom who is struggling with 2 jobs to try and raise her and her sister. Totally broke my heart. She had a list of things like makeup,shirts,jewelry. So i got her a shirt, dress, makeup, and this totally cute headband ( I wanted a matching one). I really hope she enjoys her gifts and I only wish I could have seen her face. I truly am thankful and feel very blessed to have the privileged life I do. I sometimes feel very guilty that I want $2,000 bags and these kids just want clothes. It messes with your mind a little. Thank God for my life and God Bless everyone!

Thanks everyone for the comments I REALLY LOVE THEM :)


  1. I'm so glad you actually bought personal gifts! I sponsored one child but gave a check instead =/ bad Janine (none of the kids had a list anyways...)! If my hubby could spend on those gifts, he still wouldn't, lol. He would take us on a vaca instead, haha. Can't wait to see your xmas gifts, doll!

  2. Awesome accessories!! I like both of these pumps and the last one purse among all. Thanks for sharing this nice collection here.


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